Our Guys
Our Mascots

Baker joined the Nevada Douglas County Public Library staff in March of 1983, much to the delight of patrons and the despair of would-be rodent intruders. Taylor's position was created two months later through a grant from Baker & Taylor Books. Together they carried on a long tradition of working library cats that was officially recognized in 19th century England. Baker and Taylor spent much of their time at the checkout counter where they restored disorder to overly quiet afternoons.

In 1988, Baker and Taylor became the official mascots of Baker & Taylor Books. Their photos now appear in advertisements and on posters, shopping bags, calendars, note cards and other material distributed at trade shows and press events.

Baker and Taylor claim a pedigree of the Scottish fold persuasion, which is known for distinctive turned-down ears, gentleness, and abundant personality. Physical characteristics include: thick short coat, broad chest, powerful build, massive round head, and well-rounded whisker pads. Until their passing in the mid 1990s, Baker & Taylor provided great joy and entertainment for staff and patrons alike, and they will always live on as cherished symbols for us at Baker & Tayor Books.